Should You Hire a Business Coach?

Some of the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs owe their successes to a business coach. Other, less-than-successful business owners, have blamed their failed businesses on a business coach. So if you are considering hiring one, you need to really think about what value they will add, and how.

The problem with business coaches, as with anyone in an advisory role, is that they are only as good as the advice they give. Additionally, their assistance needs to justify the additional costs. And when looking at unsuccessful relationships, these are almost exclusively the reason for coaches not working out for a small business.

To help protect yourself against bad advice, you should thoroughly evaluate the business coach. Don’t simply take his or her word for previous successes, but instead reach out to previous clients. You also need to ensure the coach is truly interested in seeing your success – if you are just another paycheck, you will not get the attention and level of concern which you might need. You also need to ensure you have good chemistry with this individual. If you see the world very differently from your coach, that could open up new opportunities to you which you’d never considered, or it could create a situation where you and your coach are never on the same page. Be sure that this is a person with whom you can work and who will be able to present opposing viewpoints in a way that works for you.

By doing that, you will ensure you find a committed coach who will give you sound advice. That, in turn, can help bring your business to the next level. This is because a business coach – a good business coach, at least – will help to hold you accountable by setting goals and holding you to them. A good business coach has been where you are and can help you find different answers to challenging problems your business is facing. A good coach can also speak to you in a way your employees can’t – and this can be extremely important. If you have a flaw in your process or if you are about to make a big mistake, your coach will see this and tell you you’re wrong.

A business coach is a wonderful tool to help a business owner continue to grow as an owner. A good coach will challenge your idea and make you find workable solutions to your problems. But a good coach can be hard to come by, and it is imperative you find the right one if you are looking to hire one. Otherwise, the advice may never justify the expense.

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