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10 Road Trip Games to Pass the Time on a Long Ride

We’ve all been on that long car ride that seems never to end. Everyone on the trip has a different taste in music, and you can only hold a conversation about nothing for so many hours. This experience can be doubly painful if there are kids in the car. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to save you from the torture – unless you have a fun road trip game to pass the time. To help you prepare for your next long car ride, here are 10 games that you will actually enjoy, during the ride to help get you there.

  1. 20 Questions – This game is great for car rides, because it distracts you from the ride, and is great for kids and adults alike. Basically, one person thinks of something, and everyone else in the car asks “yes or no” questions to try and determine what that something is. After 20 questions, if no one guessed correctly, the first person reveals what it was.
  2. Never Have I Ever – Another great game for kids and adults. One person says “Never have I ever…” then names something they haven’t done. Those who have never done it, raise their hands, and those who have, don’t. This game is great with kids to talk about experiences, but can also be fun with a group of adults, discussing more adult experiences.
  3. Rock, Paper, Scissors – This game can literally occupy two children for hours in the backseat of a car. Both players make a fist, chant “Rock, Paper, Scissors” while swinging their fist, then they yell “shoot” and make a hand gesture. “Rock” is keeping the hand in a fist, “Paper” is an open hand, and “scissor” is a V-shape with the pointer and middle finger. Then, “rock” beats “scissor,” “scissor” beats “paper,” and “paper” beats “rock.” In this way, the game can go on forever. In a car of adults, you can spice it up by adding points, betting, or dares to the game, making winning more important.
  4. I Spy – This is probably more geared to kids, but

23 May 2017